General Questions and answers:

What are Micro-Ring Fusion Hair extensions?
Micro-Ring Fusion hair extensions are individual Human Hair Extensions that gives you a very natural look like your own hair and can be worn with style versatility.  The hair attachment process is painless and it requires no braiding, no bonding, no messy glue, and you will have no bulkiness when your extensions are complete.   These extensions are attached to small sections of your own natural hair at the root with small rings. 

How long will these Hair extensions last?
The hair extensions itself will last up to 3 months to a year depending on how well you maintain you extensions.  The Micro-Ring/Link system can lasts from 2 to 4 months or according to how fast your hair grows.  [If the growth rate of your hair is slow you may be able to leave your extensions in for up to 5 months.]  It is recommend to receive maintenance on your extensions every 8 weeks (or as necessary). 

How obvious or visible are your hair extensions?
Our Micro-Ring Fusion Hair extensions are undetectable to the naked eye if your extensions are properly attachmented with you hair texture and matching rings closest to your hair color. The extensions will feel and wear like your own hair. You may even forget that you are even wearing them.  Results from these hair extensions are so special that the critics call it “The most natural looking and safest hair exetensions system” 

How long is the attachment process of Micro-Ring fusion hair extensions?
The attachment process usually takes about 3 to 6 hours depending on the thickness of your hair.  For some the process may take 3 hours while other may take a little longer. Each stylist’s processing time of attachment  may vary from client to client depending on thickness of hair.

Is it true that you sell the same type of Hair Extension supplies that celebrities pay thousands of dollars for?
Yes, we sell the same type of Hair Extension supplies that’s rendered to celebrities. The celebrities that wear this type of high quality Invisible Hair extensions usually wear their hair long on and off their jobs.

…and Yes, celebrities pay in the thousand-dollar range for their hair extensions.  However, we are making these types of high quality Invisible Hair extensions available to the public at an affordable price.

Pre-Service/Buying Questions:
How long does my hair have to be to get hair extensions?
We recommend for your natural hair to be at least 3 inches long (to cover the tiny Micro-Ring attachments). However, if your hair is at least 1 inch you may be able to wear Micro-Ring Fusion extensions but, in this case, you should discussed your desired look with your stylist or a hair professional if you are unable to attach the extensions on your own.

For Afro-Textured or African American hair, should my hair be relaxed prior to service?
Yes, for Afro/African/ African American, Black or Ethnic (if your hair is a very course and dry) textured hair we require for your hair to be relaxed prior to servicing or installing.  Also, please see our Black Ethnic Hair page or see our Indian page for Curly Indian Hair(this hair type that we offer blends best with Black/Ethnic hair whether it is curly or when hot pressed)  However, most textures offered on this site blend best with relaxed textures.

Can the I-Tip hair extensions also be used for the hot-fusion hair extension method?

We recommend i-tips for the cold method attachments; and for the HOT method fusion we recommend buyers to purchase our other available keratin tip types such as U-Tips, V-Tips, Nail-Tips or the Flat-Tips.

Maintenance Questions:
How do I care for my hair extensions after they are attached?
We recommend for customers to care for their attached hair extensions in the same fashion of caring for their own hair.  You will be able to wash, blow and even curl your hair extensions.  Hot tools are no danger. You can touch-up your color or relaxed the sides of your hair roots while wearing these real human hair extensions. You will be able to engage in all your normal activities, like swimming, exercising, and dancing, without worrying about damaging your new hair.

May I comb and brush my hair extensions after they are attached?
You may come and brush your hair extensions at 1 inch from the root.   Only use soft bristle brushes.  Never use any hard bristle brushes with micro-ring extensions (they can pull extensions and your hair out).  Avoid using brushes made for weft hair extensions or other types of hair extensions (with hard bristles which call pull micro-ring extensions and your hair out). 

Would it be possible to push my hair up in a ponytail with these extensions?
Yes, you can where your hair up in a ponytail with our fusion hair extensions.  With our Micro-Ring hair extensions method you will have the versatility to where you hair in many other styles as you desire.

Will it be possible to reuse my extensions when its time for a touch up?
Yes, reusing the hair extensions may be possible – ONLY IF- proper maintenance of rebonding I-TIPS with KERATIN  is applied when needed.  

How are the extensions removed?
Please see our Micro-Ring Fusion Install & Removal instructions

For European-Textured or Caucasian/White American hair, considering that many people with European textured hair wash their hair often and almost daily, how often will I be able to wash my hair with your hair extensions?
Washing your hair will not damage your hair extensions (that are applied by us).  We have tested our hair extensions technique and our attachment method have been proven with assurance of the hold, safety and durability regardless of any hair texture.  Therefore we recommend for our customers to wash their hair-w/extensions as needed and according to your routine.  While some may wash their hair-w/extensions every 2 to 3 days, others may wash their hair every week and then others may wash their hair every 2 weeks.  However, many of our clients with European textures do wash their hair-w/extensions on a regular basis without experiencing any damaging side effects. However, we recommend it best to wash hair no more than 3 days at a time (or longer)with Micro-Ring Fusion Hair Extensions. 

What types of payments do you accept?
We accept all Credit Card types, and cash.
Please note, we are not currently taking mail-in payments.

Hair quality Questions:

What is Remy hair?
We supply Remy quality hair which is human hair that is unstripped with its cuticle intact.  The hair is harvested with well-kept ends of each donor.  In the harvesting process, special attention is given to the natural direction of the hair, which is tied in one direction.  This process,  eliminates many common problems such as matting and tangling.  Remy hair will last longer than any other hair.  Remy hair is the ultimate hair for softness, durability, minimal shedding, stronger human hair and best of all tangle free